Welcome to the Resort of Fruits

Entering the Resort of Fruits is synonymous to enter in a small paradise. It’s discover a new world of rare flavors, smells, shapes and colors. Walking through the orchard is to open an album of curiosities.

What to say about the “miracle fruit”? Named like this because, as the scientific name says (Synsepalum dulcificum), it leaves a substance over the gustatory papillae that turns any other fruit flavor very sweet if they are eaten right after, even the most sour lemons.

Talking about lemons, what to say about the “Sweet Lemon”? Despite the fact that it is a lemon, as the name says, it is so sweet as a watermelon! Talking about watermelons, what about “Watermelon’s Orange”, where the shell has the appearance of a mini watermelon. Or the Avocado that exhales a smell of anise? What about the Banana peel purple? Red Jabuticaba? Or even about the exotic Dovialis, that came from ancient Ceylon, called now Sri Lanka?

Even slicing a fruit directly from the tree can bring surprises, like the one provoked by the “Puruí”, that reveals a dark mass where its consistence looks like the marmalade. And what about the rarity known as “Fruit of the Emperor”, that won the popular and scientific names as follow (Chrysophyllum imperiale) because it fell on the taste of the emperor Dom Pedro I and Dom Pedro II.

Welcome to the curious world of fruit! A place full of fruits with many different forms, sizes, consistencies, flavors and colors!